Anti Termite Piping in Chandigarh

The piping system is a very cost-effective method for anti – best termite piping in Chandigarh. This is a latest technology and can be installed before the flooring. We hereby introduce ourselves as pioneer in anti-termite Piping treatment with a unique method of laying 16 mm Porous Pipe network which is incorporated at the Pre-construction or renovation stage. This Pipe is laid in a unique network of loop format that covers not only the perimeter but also the center of the floor, thus giving a batter protection. As we are injecting chemical through this network it reaches at all key entry points of termite and creates a uniform barrier.

Termite Piping

This Porous Pipe is made out of recycled rubber giving it unique flexibility and no crimping (Curl tightly). This pipe can be used in Residential bunglows and flats, Commercial offices, Factories and Plants and also for irrigation purposes in gardens during landscaping.

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