Rodent Control

Rodents are a home and business owner’s nightmare, capable of causing electrical fires due to their constant gnawing. Rodents can spread various forms of diseases and also contaminate 100 times the amount of food they can eat. Did you know that if two pregnant rats enter a building (Not infested with rats) within nine months it will be infested with 3000 infested rats?

In a recent survey in the United States, rats were given top ranking in the pest table and although this may not be the case elsewhere, their potential for destroying food, building structure, electrical installations & spreading disease would certainly put them high on anyone’s list. Rats are known to carry and spread diseases such as Weils Disease, Bubonic Plague, Trichinosis, Rat Bite Fever & various types of food poisoning.

These three rodents are known as common pests, which describe their ability to successfully cohabit with humans.Since early times, rodents have been responsible for the loss and contamination of feed from the crop stage to the storage of processed food in both domestic and commercial premises.

Integrated Rodent Management (The Professional Way to take out rodents)

The goal of IRM is to prevent or reduce problems caused by rodents. The best control of rodents as most other pests is prevention.

Detection of Rodent infestation :

•Visual sighting and typical noise.
•Rat burrows
•Rat droppings and urine marks
•Feet and tail marks on dusty floors
•Gnawed articles(torn bags or spilled grains)
•Pet excitement
•Disappearance of bait.

Six Step Treatment Method :

1. Identify the rodent species prior to the treatment
2. Choose the right rodent bait for the job
3. Carryout a risk assessment prior to the treatment
4. Place the MULTIPLE TYPES OF rodent bait at appropriate spots
5. Place the needed amount of bait stations
6. Help you to eliminate the rodents’ food, water & harborage areas

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