Rodent Control Services in Chandigarh

Rodents are the largest group of mammals including hamsters, beaver, squirrels, pocket gophers, chinchillas, rats etc that may cause nuisance to your home and property. Rodents have continuously growing incisors in each of the upper and lower jaws so with their sharp teeth they can easily trim cables, wood, plastic, and even mild steel. Rats and mice are the members of the rodent family and we’ve all experienced their dread activity of contaminating food and goods inside our homes.

Rodents are a big threat to your home and business as they can contaminate about 10 times the food they consume with their saliva, waste and fur which leads to infections, fever, headaches, and illness. Rodents are able to gain access into restricted gaps that appear too small but they can easily enter your home at any given opportunity.

Why Choose Antipest for Rodent Control Services

❖ Initially we begin the task with thorough inspection of the site with the help of the latest equipment and tools to gain insights of where the rodents will be and the best way to get them out of the house .

❖ We value your safety that’s why the chemicals being used by us to eradicate rodents are of extremely high quality as well as Government-approved which provides protection from all aspects.

❖ In the process of defence in rodent management we would work aggressively on both internal and external parts, that includes proofing blocks to all the entry routes for rodents, go through the complete programme of void filling to protect doorways and access points such as holes, airbricks, splits etc.

❖ We have highly trained, verified and well experienced professionals who successfully discover the hideout places of these rodents and exterminate them out.

Rats and mice are among the most common rodent pests that invade our houses and other property in search of food and shelter. Therefore, Rodent control must be taken very seriously in residential or any commercial property because rodents like rats might cause epidemics which could lead to extremely serious health issues, may cause damage to electrical wirings, consume food materials stored in-house and contaminate them.
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