Water Tanks, Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pools lose water to evaporation, sometimes water splashes out, and backwashing water filters can cause pools to lose water. If you need to add more than two or three inches of water to your pool per week then the reason might be a leak. To hold back, restrain, or obstruct the flow of water a water-retaining structure is designed. The treatment of a surface to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure is known as waterproofing and to avoid leaks, waterproofing of swimming pools and water tanks is very essential because they are more subjected to the constant pressure of water and their concrete walls are not capable to avoid leakage.

The coating and sealants in the swimming pool or underground concrete water tank should be capable of retaining excessive amounts of negative hydrostatic pressure. Antipest takes suitable precautions to avoid the cracks and leakages in water retaining structures which are basically caused by the movements due to shrinkage, a variation of temperature, damage due to cracking of the concrete, etc. various reasons can be the cause of the leakages in water retaining bodies.
The swimming pools and underground water retaining structures have to be made waterproof against leakage or seepage of water from inside the structure to the surrounding ground and from the surrounding ground towards the inside of the structure and the groundwater should be prevented from remaining in contact with the side walls.

Antipest provides Waterproofing services of water retaining structures. Antipest properly selects the appropriate waterproofing material for different water retaining structures and ensures the durability of the waterproofing system.

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